Multotec training goes virtual

Like many things this year in light of the Covid-19 pandemic, Multotec needed to rethink how we could continue our customer training workshops despite the challenges and restrictions of lockdown and social distancing.

However, we not only used technology to ensure these important client services could be delivered, by host it as an on-line event, we also leveraged many additional features offered by virtual technologies to add some important key features to our offering we’ve not had before! 

The topic of this year’s customer training was Fines Treatment and Disposal, and took place from 20 to 22 October.

Brent Combrink
Process Engineer

We were joined by several external Multotec partners who could offer specialised knowledge of the various processing methods in this exciting mineral processing application. 

The topic for each presentation was carefully thought through, and presenters offered many intriguing and interesting insights on the topic. 

The Teams platform allowed us to reach a broader international audience. With this in mind, extending the presentation to include local language offerings seemed like an important next step. Multotec Marketing Manager Vivienne Murray assisted in providing a live translation function of the presentations into 6 different languages with the captions function available on Teams. This was an important evolution of the Multotec offering, as our products and services are now used in over 100 countries across the world, and offering localised support is a critical pillar of our mission.

In addition, we also wanted to ensure we were prepared for any technical difficulties in our first migration to virtual training, pre-recording all the presentations working with two video editors in Pretoria who did fantastic work on formatting and adding animations to the recorded videos. 

Our initial goal was to get 500 people registered, and so we were delighted when registrations exceeded 1 000. Unfortunately, stats show that you would be fortunate to get 10 % of that number logging in on the day. Our number varied around 250 to 380 per day which was far above average. We have a system in place that tracks all participants logging into the various presentations, which will now be available to all registered attendees after the live event. This will be monitored long after the actual event showing us all relevant data. 

Despite some minor technical glitches, the training was a terrific success! This whole workshop was a team effort, and everyone involved contributed to the overall success. 

After the feedback we got this week I have no doubt as to the significance of this event proving to the world that we are highly competent, skilled and knowledgeable in the mineral processing industry.

The Team that made it happen:



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