Multotec’s role in 4IR

Multotec’s role in 4IR

What is the 4IR?

The world has seen various industrial revolutions before: 

1.   The First Industrial Revolution:

The shift from our reliance on animals, human effort and biomass as primary sources of energy to the use of fossil fuels.

2.    The Second Industrial Revolution: 

Electricity distribution, wireless and wired communication, the synthesis of ammonia and new forms of power generation. 

3.    The Third Industrial Revolution: 

The development of digital systems, communication and rapid advances in computing power, which have enabled new ways of generating, processing and sharing information. 

4.    The Fourth Industrial Revolution:

This can be described as the advent of “cyber-physical systems”, which involve entirely new capabilities for people and machines. Examples include new forms of machine intelligence and breakthrough materials. 

Multotec’s role in 4IR

Multotec is a specialist mineral processing equipment supplier and has a strong base of knowledge and application experience, which is used to develop these 4IR technologies.
Our aim is to drive sensor and intelligent technology in our, and potentially other, equipment on the plant. By doing this, we are taking steps towards fully autonomous process plants. We support the move from manually controlled plants to advanced process control software that drives plant operations.

We also encourage the upskilling of operators to be able to manage and react to real-time data fed back to the plant. Our primary objective is to provide our customers with live and actionable feedback on their plants’ status, performance and efficiency.

Artificial intelligence and data analysis are the basis of 4IR, where machine learning, driven by Multotec’s expertise and experience, is the key to implementing 4IR technologies into plant operations. 

The benefits of intelligent equipment
•    Safety – minimised operator interventions
•    Reduced downtime – wear monitoring indicates the need for maintenance/replacement of equipment, reducing unplanned & unnecessary downtime
•    Streamlining – the supply chain is streamlined, resulting in improved productivity
•    Efficiency – optimised equipment will operate at peak performance
•    Complexity management – multiple conditions can be monitored simultaneously
•    Equipment automation – human skills can be redirected away from routine & repetitive manual labour

“The 4th Industrial Revolution brings opportunities to all OEMs,” says Faan Bornman, Technology Manager, Multotec Process Equipment, Technology. “We at Multotec will continue to help customers lower their cost per ton with 4IR process flow solutions that maximise their plant performance and productivity.”

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