Navigating Commodity Storms: Lessons Learned from Multotec's Customer Training Webinar

The first Customer Training Webinar (CTW) for 2023 was held on March 15 and 16. Johan Robbertse, Roy Roche, and Wilna Hoffman represented Multotec as presenters. External presenters included Jitendra Mishra from DRA and Vinesh Chetty from Afriforsight. This webinar was focused on commodity Storms, and our presenters did an excellent job of explaining the commodity cycles and the various factors that typically influence them. One of the strong messages that can be taken from this webinar is that one must be very cautious in terms of cash flow in any business. When commodities take a downturn, businesses must keep the ship sailing, and if one is cash-strapped, the ship will sink. On the flip side, a business can also go bust when business is too good. If you have seen the webinar, you will know why.

Another valuable sentiment that can be highly valued is the term "diversify" or "diversity." Multotec has used years of experience to diversify its product range and customer base, which has led to our success in the marketplace. This material contains fundamental basics for the survival of any business that are not typically found in textbooks or Survival 101.

Once again, we received great comments from our audience, and this webinar can be added to our significant list of successful events. Please take a look at all the material available on our website under the resources tab and the webinar link. We would like to thank all our presenters who demonstrated their expertise in their respective fields. We would also like to compliment the marketing team for making these events work every time.


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