Our Journey to a Smart Factory

What is a Smart Factory or Plant? A Smart Plant harnesses the latest innovations to benefit your bottom line. PJ Pieters, Process Engineer, Multotec Manufacturing elaborates. 

Predictive Maintenance Solution for Multotec Rubber Press Number 7

Waldo Verster, technical manager in Multotec Rubber and I, had the exciting opportunity to work with the Dimension Data team on the deployment of an advanced predictive plant maintenance solution using cutting-edge Internet-of-Things (IoT), mobile application and Business Intelligence (BI) technologies to enable a market leading solution that goes beyond traditional plant management.

The approach was to leverage Dimension Data’s state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with Multotec Rubber’s deep understanding of the factory, to produce a solution that will unlock compelling value. 

Our Key Objectives

  • To digitise manual maintenance recordings to a cloud-based electronic recording system
  • As part of a POC (Proof Of Concept), live condition monitoring of key parameters on Multotec Rubber Press Number 7, including: Temperatures; AC currents & DC currents; Pressure; and, Inline oil condition monitoring
  • Predictive analysis 

Solution Overview and Deployment, and Dimension Data’s predictive maintenance solution, leverages Intel’s highly advanced computing technology with bespoke software built by Dimension Data on the Microsoft Azure platform. 

  1. A mobile device with an app that was developed by Multotec Rubber in conjunction with Dimension Data was provided to the maintenance team. All maintenance processes are recorded via the mobile app and stored to the cloud environment.
  2. A management portal enables real time alerts, jobs and SMSs to maintenance teams and management, based on predefined parameters.
  3. Over the course of the next few months, we will be deploying a centralised cloud database. The Business Intelligence (BI) enables rich insights into the performance of the press. Prediction modules will be enabled to provide accurate predictive insights into maintenance of the press.

Operational & strategic benefits:

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