Proven innovative scrolled design on centrifuge

Known for its robust construction, the Siebtechnik Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge offers ease of operation due to its ability to absorb process variations. It’s scrolled or wormed design is well proven in solid / liquid separation applications, across a broad spectrum of industries.

The centrifuge comprises a drive component located in the bearing house, a drum which holds the screen in place, a scroll which transports the product across the basket, and a housing which encloses the rotating parts.

The innovative construction of the screen scroll centrifuge inlet turns in the same direction as the screen drum, but at a small differential speed. This ensures a uniform acceleration of the solids, and eliminates imbalances in dewatering applications.

The transport screen scroll also acts as a control mechanism by regulating the solids’ sliding speed and retention time. Vibration isolation of the bearing housing from the structural steel support is conducted with rubber buffers. These eliminate 95% of all dynamic loads which would be transmitted to the support structure.

The Siebtechnik Conturbex Screen Scroll Centrifuge is available from Multotec, and the large South African installed based is supported by a technical team that offers process solution information. A comprehensive parts stockholding is maintained, and refurbishment of units is also undertaken at Multotec’s Spartan facilities.

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