Sampling Workshop

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By: Dolf Kleynhans

The MPE Sampling Workshop is responsible for the following key activities:
1.    Sampling assembly and testing
2.    Commissioning of samplers on various mines locally and internationally
3.    Continuous improvement

Sampling Assembly
Sampling equipment is client-specific and therefore designed to best suit the client’s requirements. Fabrication and surface protection of the equipment is done externally by preferred suppliers and inspected by our QC department after the completion of each process. 

Part of our daily process is ensuring that all drive units, electrical components, bolting kits, bearings and so forth, required to assemble sampling equipment, are procured and available on the shop floor. This ensures that assembly can proceed as soon as the fabricated components are delivered to the workshop.  

Safety is key in our factory and is taken very seriously with everyone looking out for everyone else. We are also currently implementing environmental processes as we work with a few products that are harmful to the environment. During October 2020, the team fully assembled, tested and crated 23 Samplers for MSP Talison (Australia).

Sampling Commissioning 
Resource management is crucial as some of these projects occur at short notice, and for a lengthy period of time.   

The sampling team currently consists of four field service technicians, two assemblers and one apprentice.

Some of the sites the technicians attended to recently include:

1. Guinea Alumina Corporation (Guinea) - Commissioning of port and mine side samplers

  • Danie van der Westhuizen (13 July - 2 October 2020)

2. Kansanshi Copper Concentrate (Zambia) - attending to breakdown and site audit

  • Ben van der Linde (23 September - 14 October 2020)

3. Siguiri Gold Mine - Commissioning of hammer samplers

  • Jean du Preez (1 - 22 November 2020) 

Continuous Improvement 
Design reviews are carried out during and directly after the sampler assembly process, in the factory.  Parties involved in these reviews include our quality department, technicians, engineering and drawing office. If we note any abnormality on a new design, it will be rectified and verified before we ship the sampler to our clients.  

Our field service technicians report back on how our sampling equipment is performing on site and where improvements can be made on future designs. This valuable information is communicated to our engineering department for design changes to be implemented. During our product development meeting which occur monthly, we assess and discuss these improvements and new equipment designs.

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