Shaping the youth of Ga Masemola through career expo

Multotec SED team took part in the 7th annual career expo at Masemola Senior Secondary School.

On 3 May 2019, Masemola Young Professionals (MYP) held their 7th Annual Career Expo at Masemola Senior Secondary School in Marogoe Masemola, Limpopo Province. The event is targeted at grade 9 -12 learners from 29 local schools and the aim is to assist them to make improved career choices for their studies beyond grade 12. Multotec has been involved with this project since 2016.

The Multotec team focused more on learners who are studying English, maths and science. Our metallurgists, Brenda and Clifford, showcased the way a mineral processing plant works and explained how Multotec’s equipment fits into the process.

The day-to-day work of a metallurgist was explained to the learners in detail. This ensured that they gained insight and career advice from leading field specialists to better understand the expectations and roles of their potential professions.

Vincent and Ronnie also assisted by motivating learners and equipping them with the necessary knowledge to succeed in high school and at tertiary level. The scores that are required by tertiary institutions to study for different careers were also explained to learners.

Ga Masemola is a village in Limpopo which is about 100 km from Multotec’s Mokopane Branch. As we have employees that come from Limpopo, Multotec is proud to be involved in that community.


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