Sharing some light on the technology division

Multotec Technology Division services internal and external customers and does development work to stay ahead of the game.

Many clients have challenges in their operations. Those who go out to customers are the company’s eyes and ears. The customers share these challenges, and it is then up to these employees to come to us to see how we can assist with said challenges. On the other hand, as far as communication duties go, it is our duty in turn to inform Multotec employees of our processes here in the technology Division. MPE’s Technology Division might be a big black box for some – this article aims to shed some light on what we do and how the process works.

First things first, what is test work?

Test work takes place when Multotec’s products are tested in real-life applications. Our work serves both internal customers (Multotec) and external customers. For internal customers, we do development work.

As the name suggests, we test new product developments and innovations to ensure that we stay ahead of the game. For our external customers, we test their material on our spirals, cyclones, etc. in order to attend to specific challenges which they might encounter. It is important that as a person who has to relay the message to us, that our process is understood. This will also enable the person to “market” our services when engaging with customers and also to give the customer a better idea of what to expect in terms of test work, should they be interested.

It is vital that a signed proposal is in place prior to the test work taking place. This is to ensure that all parties agree to the scope of work. Other documentation relating to payments should also be in place – a lot of money and resources go in to the test work process, and we can thus not afford to do test work for free. In rare cases, test work will be free of charge, however we kindly request that you do not put a customer under the impression that we do not charge for test work unless arranged with the Technology Division prior. Similarly, it is important that an employee not make commitments on timelines other than that which is stated in the proposal, as there are third parties involved in the process over whose turnaround times we have no control.

“At the end of the day, communication is of utmost importance – this Division relies on YOU to be our eyes and ears in the industry,” says Jeantelle Rust, Multotec Process Equipment, R&D Engineer. We also encourage any employee or even customer to come and visit our facility (which is situated at 54 Steel Road in Spartan). Here you will see dust being turned into magic!



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