Shooting for the Stars with the Mighty Kings Football Club

On Wednesday, 23 February 2022, the Socio-Economic Development (SED) team visited Soshanguve, a township situated about 30 km north of Pretoria, to handover a new soccer-kit and training equipment.

We were met by a group of about 90 enthusiastic boys and girls, all forming part of the Mighty Kings Football Club, for children aged between 11 and 17 years. It was truly inspiring to meet not only a group of passionate young people, but also the parents dedicated to championing the next generation of superstars and supporting initiatives that socialise the children and keep them off the streets. A great number of these young people come from fragmented communities, challenged by alcohol and substance abuse, crime and an environment that lacks role models. 

The Multotec SED team enjoyed a fun afternoon engaging with the youth, joining in soccer practice and being part of the action that keeps this group fuelled with passion. We were treated to a riveting game between the under 17s, kitted out in their new sponsored soccer-kit and energised with true Mighty King spirit. While playing, 17-year old Balulekile Sithole shared that the soccer pitch is where he finds his happiness. “When we lose, we lose as a team, when we win, we win as a team,” he said. 

In the book entitled "You Are A Champion: How To Be The Best You Can Be", author Marcus Rashford (England footballer and child food poverty campaigner) shares with his young readers how they can learn to be comfortable with who they are. He reminds them that one can’t be a champion until they are happy being themselves! And those are exactly the qualities I saw in that group of young champions. Our visit was not only to handover the kit but to remind them to continue dreaming big, to use their voices and talents, to stay positive and keep showing up as their best selves.


On behalf of Mighty Kings Football Club, deputy chairperson, Bongani Nonga expressed his gratitude: “Our team is growing and reaching places. We hope this partnership will be a beginning of great things to come. This sponsorship will have a great impact on our players as well as their parents. The young boys and girls will carry the Multotec spirit in their hearts and its name with pride whenever they are wearing the jersey and playing a match”.  

The Multotec team that visited Soshanguve included Lindiwe Kabini, Tlago Mamatela, Tshepiso Tshikhati, Dee Miloa, Viviene Murray, Domanic Kwamba and Isaac Matlala. They shared their thoughts on the visit and this initiative:

Tlago Mamatela, Production Planner: “When it comes to giving back to the community, any action, big or small, can make a real difference in someone’s heart – more especially for children, it goes a long a way”. 

Lindiwe Kabini, Internal Auditor: “It was fascinating for me to come across a promising team of young soccer players, who are committed to giving their best and prioritise their time for training and giving the team a chance of success at the end of the soccer season”. 

We left the team in high spirits, and they extended an offer of a friendly match to Multotec. Domanic and the rest of our soccer team will have to dust off their soccer boots and get ready to meet the Mighty Kings on the pitch.

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