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Journeys that started with a learnership

Skills development is a process that aims to improve employees' skills and productivity in the workplace. It is also used to help people find jobs and excel in them. It helps with employability, productivity and competitiveness of employers as well as promoting self-employment. Multotec does this through on-the-job training, short courses, learnerships, apprenticeships and bursaries. Witnessing the growth of employees where skills development has played a role in their journey fulfils the purpose of our skills development.

I am Emmanuel Diago, a former Assembler, promoted to Production Supervisor, in Gravity Separation.

This is my story:

I started with Multotec in 2007 at the Woodshop as an FTC Create Maker. In 2008 I joined the Gravity Department as an Assembler where I grew my skills and worked hard to produce high-quality spirals. I was then appointed Team Leader for Assemblers, and today I am a Production Supervisor.

The top 5 leadership skills by which I live, and which make me a good leader are:

  • Open communication
  • Strategic thinking
  • Creativity
  • Conflict resolution
  • Time management

Multotec gave me an opportunity to attend the learnership on Production Technology L3. I learned a great deal about production during the learnership. I remember Thembisile’s words: “Take what you learn here and go apply it in your departments.” I played an important role in my department after the learnership. I believed in myself and the knowledge I gained from the learnership, which is the reason I believe I got the promotion to Production Supervisor.

I start each day with positive thoughts and I leave my problems at home. I am always a team player! When I arrive at work, I greet everyone with a smile and start work with the right attitude. During June this year, I attended ‘Our Multotec Way’ training and it impacted my life positively. It left me wanting to build trust within my team at Gravity, and to take care of one another.

I would like to thank ‘Team Training’ for giving us support during our learnerships and other courses.

THEMBISILE MVEMVE, Skills Development Officer, Human Resources

Skills Development Officer,
Human Resources

“The only thing worse than training your employees and having them leave is not training them and having them stay.

- Henry Ford, Founder of Ford Motors

Remember, skills development is a continuous journey. Embrace learning, persevere, and stay passionate about your growth.



I am Joseph Khumalo, former Production Supervisor, promoted to Quality Control Inspector.

This is my story

I began working for Multotec in 2008 as an Assembler at Gravity Concentration (Spirals). It was a good experience because I found many welcoming people and a lot of talent around the company. Although I worked under different managers, it pushed me to want to learn more because every time I learned about different methods from them, I worked harder and harder as I pushed myself big-time.

In 2014 I was promoted to Assembly Supervisor. As you know our company is always there for us when we need assistance. I was given an opportunity to do short courses like Practical Supervision, Initiating Disciplinary Hearings, Emotional Intelligence and Assertiveness, etc. These short courses helped me understand and know the challenges of working with people as a leader.

In 2016, the company encouraged learnerships and I think we were the first group to attend the Production Technology L2 course. The following year, in 2017, we attended the Manufacturing and Assembly Supervision L4 course.

Truly speaking, the learnerships helped me a great deal. They made a huge difference compared to when I started to be a leader because there were many things that I used to take for granted. For example, knowing how to plan and how to prioritise; how to communicate and how to approach people in a good way; how to motivate people to improve their performance and, again, by implementing equal treatment for all people. I achieve this by making sure that I don’t allow anyone to do anything unauthorised and insisting that everyone live by the core values of the company.

So, I think the learnerships has played a big role in my life at this company. I can say that, because of this, in 2023 I was granted the opportunity to move to the Quality Department as a QC Inspector. Because of all that I learned from the learnership, I will be able to utilise it in the QC department.

I’m looking forward to doing better and better as a QC Inspector. I think there’s still a lot to learn within the company and there are opportunities for me to grow.

EMMANUEL DIAGO, Production Supervisor, MPE

EMMANUEL DIAGO, Production Supervisor, MPE


JOSEPH KHUMALO, Quality Control Inspector

JOSEPH KHUMALO, Quality Control Inspector

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