Sponsorship for High School Lutzville

Multotec Cape Town participated in the annual TRONOX Namakwa Sands golf weekend to help raise funds to benefit local schools in the community!

“It is with great gratitude that H.S. Lutzville was able to use the funds donated during the TRONOX golf weekend to the direct benefit of all our learners.

Essential needs could be addressed that directly led to the improvement of teaching. The computer centre has been upgraded. We were able to provide a document reader for three classes. This wonderful tool is directly connected to the computer and board so that learners can see a teacher demonstration like dissecting a heart, or explaining a step-by-step formula all at the same time.

We could also afford a classroom assistant in the foundation phase to provide extra help for children who need extra assistance. This is especially important in the growing classes and unfortunately the WCED does not meet this need.

Without these funds, our children would certainly not have the opportunities they should be given.

So we would like to thank Multotec and everyone else that was involved with this great fundraiser.”

Marlinda Lombard
Principal, Hoërskool Lutzville


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