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What can businesspeople and Multotec employees learn from the legacy and life of Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela International Day or simply Mandela Day, is celebrated internationally every year on 18 July, which also marks his birthday. He was widely admired and even though he had his critics, few can deny the example he set and the positive impact he had on people all around the world. 

Many books and articles have been written about this remarkable man who would have been 104 years old this month. Thousands of writings explore how he lived his life, and how we can apply this in our own lives to become successful. Richard Stengel wrote the inspirational book “Mandela's Way: Lessons on Life, Love and Courage”, and identified 15 points of wisdom that represent Mandela’s approach to his life. 

                                         Multotec makes every day a Mandela Day

A number of key traits and attributes undoubtedly helped to drive Mandela in his cause to become one of history's most engaging and successful leaders. These characteristics can certainly help us achieve our own success, as employees and business leaders.


Mandela had a strong ethos and ethics. He maintained his integrity through the extreme challenges he faced. This reinforced his credibility and generated trust among his followers across the world, who believed in him as a person of genuine character. 


Following a formal education, Mandela continued to educate himself, reading up and researching everything which kept him informed, knowledgeable and broadminded. 


Commitment, determination and consistency in what he believed, drove Mandela to have courage and take risks.


Mandela had a gift for listening to and understanding people; he was interested in individuals and cared about them. He was approachable and enabled those he met to feel at ease. Often seen laughing and joking, he put smiles on the faces around him. These skills undoubtedly inspired loyalty and achieved engagement, even in the most difficult circumstances. 


Mandela was consistently honest, maintaining the same view behind closed doors as he did face-to-face, strengthening his position as one of our most admired leaders.

Is this not Our Multotec Way?

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