The ins and outs of Copper Processing

Multotec recently hosted another commodity knowledge platform in the form of an international workshop that was held on 4 and 5 May 2022, on the topic of copper processing. We received over 700 registrations for this event from countries all over the world. Our largest number of attendees was from the Zambian Copper belt which is one of our target audiences. If you missed this session, do yourself a favour and watch the webinar!

The event was split over two days in order to cater for the various time zones across the world. This new material has already been posted onto our Multotec website, here. We currently have well over 50 of these videos available on our site which gives our customers and employees the advantage of accessing them at their convenience. 

This was the first opportunity for Refentse Molehe to host the event and she definitely did a sterling job. We received some very good questions during the Q&A sessions and frankly, it’s one of my favourite elements of these workshops, as the presenters have to quickly formulate an answer that will show their competence. None of our presenters disappointed! 

After the workshop I called some of the attendees, including the MD of one of our Project Houses. He said that his experience thus far has been very good and that he specifically looks out for these events hosted by Multotec. When I asked if there is anything else we can do to improve the quality of the sessions, his answer was “nothing I can think of." He chooses relevant topics according to his own schedule and time constraints. 

Once again, I would like to thank all presenters and our team behind the scenes for delivering another great performance!

Our third and final event for the year will be a workshop that deals with the processing of Battery Minerals. The programme is informative and features an impressive all-star line-up of guest presenters. I am certain that the topics will once again attract interest around the globe.

“Battery Minerals” -13 and 14 July 2022
Battery Minerals have developed into a critical commodity in the last 20 years. They form the base of our battery technologies and have forced us to create and optimise their various flowsheets. Lithium, cobalt and nickel have been the three most important minerals in this field of expertise. We will focus on those areas applicable to their processing and give a better understanding of these processing routes.

Contact us for more information about our upcoming webinars. 

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