The MATO diagonal trial a success in Botswana

The MATO team recently tested the cross border market by trialing it at one of our customers based in Botswana, a market never tested and one full of opportunities and potential. During the second month of the three months trial period, the mine decided they had seen enough and wanted this product on their mine. The successful trial led to an order of 11 sets of cleaners for this mine and during our recent customer visit, an order for 6 more was received. Should you need a cost-effective maintenance exchange belt cleaning system designed for demanding applications which will safeguard your pulleys and ensure the longevity of the lining thereof look no further than the MATO Diagonal.

The MATO Diagonal or Return Belt Cleaner is one of the three types of cleaners within the range. It comes with a simple single blade design that offers effective cleaning of the return belt. It is easy to maintain and install, be it on underground or plant conveyors. The profile polyurethane replaceable blade offers effective cleaning and protection of the return pulley. The unique self-tensioning system provides optimal tensioning of the cleaner against the belt. This return cleaner is ideally suited for use on pvc or ply belts, either vulcanized or with mechanical fasteners. The simple design of fabricated items provides ease of installation, maintenance and blade replacement. This conveyor cleaning solution comes highly recommended by our current customer base due to its effectiveness and durability.


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