The misconceptions of overbelt magnets

Misconceptions about Overbelt Magnets

Overbelt magnets are magnetic separators suspended above conveyor belts to remove ferrous tramp metals from the stream below. They could contain either electro or permanent magnets to achieve the desired tramp metal removal.

There are a lot of misconceptions about how overbelt magnets work and what the requirements are to size an overbelt magnet. These misconceptions cause major delays in the sizing and quoting process of an overbelt magnet. This article will hopefully shed some light on the working principles and parameters that affect the sizing of an overbelt magnet.

Overbelt magnets are essential for applications where it is possible to have tramp metals present in the processing streams that could potentially damage downstream processing units. They prevent the ferrous tramp metals from causing severe damage to the downstream processing units like cyclones, crushers, conveyor belts etc. Therefore, removing these tramp metals with appropriate efficiency could prevent costly equipment damage, unplanned maintenance, below specification product, downtime production losses and potentially hazardous repair work to damaged equipment. 

It is vital that all the appropriate process parameters are specified with sufficient detail before an overbelt magnet is sized. If the magnet is improperly sized, it will fail to remove all the ferrous tramp iron metals and these metals could cause serious damage to downstream processing units. Therefore, it could potentially be much more costly to buy an inadequately sized overbelt magnet due to catastrophic downstream damage caused by tramp metals not extracted by the overbelt magnet. Overbelt magnets could pay themselves back in a single extraction event when one considers the effects of equipment damage, downtime and repair safety risks.

Multotec uses computerised mathematical modelling using the above critical inputs and years of experience on actual installations to size all overbelt magnets to ensure that each one is of adequate strength for its designated application. When tramp metal removal is critical and you need expert advice on magnet requirements, contact a Multotec magnetics salesperson to assist.

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