The slurry pump: a key tool of the mining trade

The mining industry has many tools of the trade. We’ve often discussed cyclones and samplers, but have talked less about slurry pumps and their applications. This article details the many factors to consider when selecting a slurry pump.

Many elements can influence the efficiency of the tasks performed, the durability of the slurry pump and its components and the level of satisfaction you experience when using your slurry pump.

Using the right equipment for the job

There’s a science behind the design of a slurry pump, largely based on the process and tasks it will be performing. That’s why it’s important to use the proper slurry pump for your specific needs. And long-lasting, efficient and reliable quality equipment is a must in a field that encompasses so many specialties.

Many elements should be taken into consideration when investing in a slurry pump. For instance, it’s important to consider the type of slurry, as slurries can vary from 1% to 70% solids. It’s equally important to consider the level of abrasiveness and corrosiveness of the substance being pumped; coal and some ores can eat through parts fairly quickly and damage your equipment, often beyond repair. This wear and tear raise operating costs considerably and you may end up needing to buy new equipment to continue your work.

Custom solutions

The solution is to select a heavy-duty slurry pump, and, just as importantly, to use custom-made equipment with replaceable parts. At Multotec, building your customised slurry pump is one of our areas of expertise. We design your slurry pump according to your specifications and applications.

We know that proper rubber and ceramic liners work extremely well. They also last longer and can withstand harsher uses. They’re also replaceable, expanding the lifespan of your pump while lowering your operating costs. Furthermore, we offer a range of 35%, 55% and 65% natural/synthetic rubber parts, in addition to parts made of aluminates and carbides. You can also customise your pump with various ceramic parts, including the shaft sleeve, casing, impeller, wet ends, and even the seals.

Types of damage to a slurry pump

Damage to a slurry pump can range from the seal blowing out to the bearing and assembly casing wearing out where they connect, to the impeller becoming corroded because of cavitation or severe abrasion, and more. There are, however, solutions to these problems.

First, analysing your duties helps us determine whether you’re using the best type and size of pump for your needs. Cavitation can occur due to surges; a very effective way to fix this issue is fitting your pump’s head with a choke to increase pressure to the casing, which will then absorb the surge, or adding a choke to the output to reduce surges.

Lifetime use

Adapting the pump to its precise application—whether that’s pulp and paper, gas and oil, mining or industrial applications—will directly affect its lifespan. This is why our custom-made pumps offer the distinct advantage of having replaceable parts. These parts include the slurry valve which, depending on the use, can be replaced every 6 months as a preventive measure and every 12 months for regular maintenance.

A pump with replaceable parts and components can have an unlimited lifespan. A high-quality customised slurry pump with replaceable parts can last you a lifetime, so it should be seen as a very sound, long-term investment.

Expert knowledge and experience

Multotec’s team of advisors is there to find a solution for your needs. Whether you’re looking into buying a slurry pump or need spare parts for your existing pump, we’ll help you define your needs and provide advice on fine-tuning your equipment to your specific applications. We’ll even visit your facilities to get a better feel for the challenges you face. Our team of specialists truly are your best allies in finding the right slurry pump for you and bringing your project to life!

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