Zambia’s New Branch Manager, Jack Belmonte

New branch manager

Zambia Branch Manager, Jack Belmonte. Multotec welcomed Jack Belmonte as the new Zambian Branch Manager on the 01 March 2020. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Jack has only recently managed to travel and take up residence in Zambia, to fulfil his role as the new Branch Manager. Jack is eager to start a new chapter at our Zambian branch.

Jack started with Multotec International, and has 47 years’ experience on several mines where his roles ranged from Fitter and Turner to Mechanical Foreman, Client Site Representative, Construction Manager, Project Manager, Area Mechanical Superintendent and, lastly, Engineering Manager.

Jack worked on Kinross Gold Mines for 25 years and in South African construction for 2 years. He also ran a hardware business for 3 years during the 1980s.

Having built 2 mines, South Africa’s Two Rivers Platinum Mines and Zambia’s Lubambe Copper Mines, Jack is well prepared for his new position. Additionally, early in 2000, he was involved at Chambishi Metals erecting the Copper / Cobalt Smelter.

Jack went to Kalumbila Copper Mines as an Area Mechanical Superintendent (FQM), to get the mine started up. A few months later, the Crushers, Mills, Flotation Area, and TSF were all up and running and copper was produced.

Jack has worked on several mines in Zambia including Chambishi Metals, Lubambe Copper Mines and Kalumbila Copper Mines (called Sentinel today).

During his 20-year long career in Zambia, Jack has built up good interpersonal relationships with several customers, whom he knows well.

We want to wish him all the best and support in his role as Branch Manager and believe that he will have many successful years at Multotec.

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