Multotec hydrocyclones (or just cyclones), are used extensively in the classification of particles in mill circuits across the international mining markets.

Our most commonly used hydrocyclones are classification hydrocyclones and dense medium hydrocyclones. We also supply a complete range of accessories and distributors.

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Multotec hydrocyclone features:

  • Scrolled evolute design proven to achieve higher capacities and reduced wear rates than regular hydrocyclone inlets
  • High-quality rubber, ceramics and polyurethane compounds provide durability over a long service life
  • Customised hydrocyclone designs according to your unique specifications 
  • Designed for fine and accurate cut-points
  • Innovative designs reduce misplacement of product; rubber lips prevent spillage
  • Abrasion and heat resistant materials reduce wear  
  • Innovative weep holes reduce downtime

International mining houses such as Xstrata, Anglo Coal, BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto use Multotec’s equipment to reduce running costs and optimise plant performance. 


Revolutionary hydrocyclone designs

The benefits of weep holes in the hydrocyclone:

  • If your hydrocyclone liner becomes damaged, the material which finds its way between the liner and the hydrocyclone shell will begin to ‘weep’ from these holes, indicating that the liner needs to be replaced. This drastically reduces unplanned stoppages and will extend the life of the hydrocyclone’s steel shells.
  • Weep holes also reduce the frequency of internal hydrocyclone inspection. This is because hydrocyclones without weep holes require regular inspection to assess the integrity of the liner itself.

Scrolled evolute design:

  • Multotec has proven that the scrolled evolute and ribbon inlet hydrocyclone designs have a much higher capacity when compared to standard inlet designs. The result is that vortex finder wear is substantially reduced, thereby lowering operating costs while maximising hydrocyclone efficiency.

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How to maintain your hydrocyclone to ensure optimal operation

  1. All hydrocyclones must be equipped with a working pressure gauge

The immediate benefit of the pressure gauge is that it will indicate if there is any surging in the hydrocyclone feed. While surging can also be identified in the outgoing streams, these areas are not always accessible, which means that a pressure gauge is therefore essential for feed condition monitoring. The reading on the pressure gauge will allow for an accurate calculation of the volumetric flow rate to the hydrocyclone which will make it possible to calculate the mass flow rate.

  1. Hydrocyclones must operate in the correct pressure range

Multotec monitors the pressure range of the hydrocyclone with its attached gauges. This is because low pressures result in inefficiencies while high pressures increase the wear rate, with both scenarios having significant cost implications for the entire plant.

Hydrocyclones must be correctly maintained to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. This is where an equipment supplier such as Multotec comes into its own, as it has the necessary expertise to be able to assist both customers and end users in applying sound operating and maintenance practices and getting the most from your hydrocyclone. 


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