Polyurethane Cyclones

Multotec’s range of Polyurethane Hydrocyclones offers the most cost-effective solution for fine cut-point classification applications.

Injection moulded and hand cast polyurethane cyclones have remarkable resistance to abrasive environments, high temperatures, as well as wear and chemical resistance – even for cyclones smaller than 420 mm in diameter.

The polyurethane cyclone offers:

  • Lightweight construction for ease of handling
  • Bolt-on characteristic that makes replacement and maintenance easy
  • High resistance to abrasion for a long operating life
  • Interchangeable parts that allow different materials of construction for regions of high wear

Multotec’s Polyurethane Hydrocyclones achieve the most accurate, fine cut-points on the market! 

Improved AA165 Monolithic Ceramic Cyclone

Multotec has introduced an AA variant to its Polyurethane Cyclone. Similar in construction to the polyurethane cyclone, the AA165 version is manufactured from monolithic ceramics instead of polyurethane, but its design ensures that it is fully interchangeable with the VV variant.

Improved design features:


All parts are assembled with galvanised steel backing flanges, steel clamps or our new lightweight polyethylene profile clamps.

Threaded Cone Design

The threaded cone design is also available, which enables easy spigot removal and replacement without the need for any tools. Simply loosen the spigot coupling, remove the spigot and replace.

Cone Extension

The original cone extension design provides the housing for the spigot, with a larger internal diameter than that of the spigot.

Scrolled Evolute Inlet Design

Both wear and turbulence are reduced by allowing particles to follow their natural downward spiral. The wear life of the inlet is increased and the vortex finder lifecycle is maximised. The cyclone has a higher capacity and a more efficient separation process.

Field Testing

Extensive field testing and research has resulted in the development of Multotec’s most ergonomic cyclone design:

  • The scrolled evolute inlet head design ensures higher throughput and optimum efficiency

  • Original cone extension or threaded cone design available on all models

  • Modular component design in lightweight, abrasion resistant polyurethane allows for easy replacement of worn parts

  • Quick release spigots and profile clamps speed up maintenance

  • The wide range of cone angles ensure finer and more accurate cut-points, particularly when used with barrel extension sections


Multotec Cyclones - Tailings Cyclone

4Start Thread Cyclone

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